We believe in the transformative power of yoga. When you build strength and balance on your mat, your health improves, your confidence soars, and you can step into the best version of yourself every day. This also translates to improved performance as a golfer. The physical and mental cross-training tools we provide will help you achieve these goals—and more!

The Flexible Golfer is for you if ...

You want to increase your distance and endurance

You're eager to boost your mental game

You like to recover quickly after each round

You want to prevent golf-related injuries

You want to be part of a like-minded community of dedicated golfers

You're a golf pro who wants to give your golfers a competitive edge

Our Mission

Our mission at The Flexible Golfer is empower you with simple (and fun) yoga-based skills that elevate the quality of your golf game and provide you numerous years of enjoyment in the sport.

Our Ethics

The Flexible Golfer is a branch of yoga courses led by Swagtail, and to understand how we operate, it’s essential to know the values that guide our decisions. These personal laws of generosity, truth, and connection serve as our internal compass, both on and off of the golf course. Essentially, our values put the SWAG in Swagtail.

Our Founder

Kym Coco is a 500-hr certified yoga instructor with a master’s degree in sports kinesiology and 20 years of teaching under her belt. She blends her passion for golf with the science-based benefits of yoga into an accessible, fun teaching style — one that yields powerful results for students of all ages and ability levels. She currently resides in Florida with her husband, Steve, and English Staffy, Kai.

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